Road cycling

During my 6 months at Event Timing in Melbourne in early 2017, I was fortunate enough to be part of the timing team on most of the events of the Summer of Cycling, including the Road Nationals, the Tour Down Under, and the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race.

I used this experience to set up event templates in race result 11 for Australian cycling clubs for all kinds of cycling events: criterium and road races, individual and team time trials. I soon had the chance to use my templates myself on the field at the Slovakian and Czech Road Nationals with race result Slovakia, then again in Australia for the Cycling Australia Road Nationals, supporting Oz Timing.

The opportunity to combine those templates to time UCI stage races then came in 2018 with at the Tour of Slovenia and Tour de Hongrie, then CRO Race in 2019. After a very successful Tour de la Provence with Chrono Consult in 2021 and with 7 UCI stage races timed with that file, I now have the tools and the experience required to time the highest profile of elite cycling events.

To me, road cycling events are some of the most thrilling to time, I love the adrenaline that comes with a massive bunch sprinting towards the finish line, and having a very limited time to confirm results.


Triathlon is where I come from, so it is the sport I time the most often and feel the most comfortable with.

The very first event I timed was our local duathlon, timed manually with two laptops, taking transition times as well as the finish. I like to think that was a good start, making simple running events look easy in comparison.

Since then I have timed the stage of the French Triathlon Grand Prix in my hometown several times since 2014 with race result France, as well as the final of the Grand Prix in Nice in 2015, my first event sending results to live TV. In 2018 I also supported race result Germany on one of the stages of the Triathlon Bundesliga. In 2019 I started supporting Gulf Multi Sport on World Triathlon Abu Dhabi.

I have also had the chance to support timers on several long-distance triathlon events, especially the grueling Norseman Xtreme Triathlon in Norway, with RaceTracker, or the Embrunman and Tours’N Man in France.


In 2012, I was among over 15,000 runners on the start line of Marseille - Cassis, a very well-known 20 km IAAF Silver Label Road Race in Southern France. Every competitive French runner has heard of it, or raced it. Two painful hours and some later, I was on the finish line. Back then, I had no idea about timing.

Six years later, I was lucky enough to support race result France in timing it for the first time.

Since 2018, I also support Gulf Multisport LLC with the online registration and timing of the ADNOC Abu Dhabi Marathon and the Ras Al Khaimah Half Marathon, where my colleagues and I timed a new women's half marathon world record in 2020.

On mass participation running events, the challenge generally resides more in the logistics than in the software setup. Although I generally prefer to have less participants to look after, but a lot more things to calculate, it is always pretty thrilling to see the masses crossing your timing points, and the time visualisation screen scroll bar getting longer every second.

Mountain Bike

I have been timing the Swiss Epic with race result Swiss Timing GmbH since 2017. I have also worked with Chrono Consult on the MTB French Nationals, and set up event files for the XCO and XCE formats.

In 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic forced a lot of organizers to get creative to offer some sort of event. The Salzkammergut Trophy in Austria certainly did that, offering 7 courses with a permanent timing installation from July to October, where riders can come as many times as they want, and complete any course they want. I have helped Global Sportservice in setting up the event file in RACE RESULT 12, for which we also had to get creative!

Motor sports

In Australia, I timed one of the craziest events you could imagine: the Riverland Dinghy Derby in Renmark, South Australia, which sees souped-up fishing boats with two persons on board make their way through lagoons at over 90 km/h. I also set up event templates for the club for a variety of event formats with different logics, and helped the club define a data structure and a process for managing transponders, and set up their online registration. It was great to come back to the Dinghy Derby in 2019 and further improve the setup by deploying 20 Track Boxes out on course.

I have also setup templates for motocross clubs in Australia (the Armidale Motorcycle Club) and in France (Ligue Motocycliste de Bretagne) for different kinds of events, including enduro.

Motor sports are particularly complex, with rules that are sometimes hard to understand when you come from an active sports background, but I like the challenges they raise, and enjoy trying to solve them.

Winter sports

As I grew up between two mountain ranges, I am a keen cross-country skier and I am always down for a week-end timing in the snow.

My main reference as far as winter sports are concerned is the Patrouille des Glaciers, a ski-mountaineering event organized in the Alps by the Swiss army. With 4,500 participants, 14 timing points mostly only accessible by helicopter, and 4 days of racing, the event is definitely one of the most challenging I was given to work at. I was the project lead for race result Swiss on this event in 2016 and 2018, which included managing the 8-months-long registration process.