About me

Growing up in the South of France, I have always been interested in sports. I joined the local triathlon club in my hometown, Valence, when I was 12. In the summer, I helped my father and his cousins in organising the local MTB event in our village in the mountains of Ardèche.

As a young adult, realising I was a pretty average athlete at best, I went on to discover other aspects of the sport of triathlon, as a coach, a referee, and a race director. In 2007, regretting that the MTB event in our village had stopped a few years before, I decided to launch a duathlon in its place, and then a trail run in 2015. In 2009, I was the race director of the 19th edition of the Triathlon de Valence, which gathered around 600 athletes at the time, and I have been managing the event's website and online registration since.

Like most timers probably, I came to sports timing by chance. After a degree in English literature, I tried my hand at teaching English, then worked as a triathlon coach for a year, then went back to university for a masters in translation, before I finally landed an internship at RACE RESULT in 2013 through Gérald Chalamet, who had just become the distributor for France. At a Winter Triathlon event in the Vercors mountains, he showed me his awesome new software which, I noticed, was not yet translated into French.

I spent the summer of 2013 working as an intern at the RACE RESULT Headquarters in Germany, mainly translating the software and documentation, and sometimes sticking chips to bib numbers, a job that thankfully has been fully automated since.

At the end of my studies, I then joined RACE RESULT full time, in an International Sales position. In order to actually know what I was selling, I kept on timing my own events and started helping out our local customers on simple running events, and found I really enjoyed it. As I gained experience, I then started supporting our customers and distributors on more complex events, all around the world.

I spent the first 6 months of 2017 in Melbourne working with Aaron Clarke at Event Timing, the RACE RESULT distributor for Australia and New Zealand, living the life of an actual timer for the first time. This experience gave me access to a whole range of new sports I had not really touched on yet, like road cycling and motorsports. It also gave me the opportunity to work closer with customers and develop tailor-made, easy-to-operate event templates.

Coming back to RACE RESULT, I then took on more of a support role, with the aim of enabling timers to make the most of the solution.

In the summer of 2020, I have left my position as a support team member, and joined race result Swiss Timing GmbH as a timer, based in Bern.

In the course of my timing career, I have been fortunate enough to time a wide range of sports in a lot of different countries, facing a good variety of challenges, which I would like to give you a sample of in the next sections of this website.

On every event, be it a world-class cycling race or my home village's trail run, I always aim to time to the best of my abilities, try new things and provide the organiser, the public and the athletes with the best possible service. If you share this philosophy and have an event you would like my support on, feel free to contact me.